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Ice baths come in various shapes and sizes, and our website caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Regardless of your budget or the space you have available, we strive to offer a cold water therapy solution that suits your needs and offer a selection of of styles of ice tubs ice baths in Ireland. While we are not affiliated with Wim Hof Practitioners, we are your go-to source for sensibly priced options to fulfil your Cold Water Therapy/Ice Bath in Ireland requirements.

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Ireland’s Leading Portable Ice Bath Company – Enjoy Cold Water Therapy with Our Selection of Recovery Pod!!

Chilly, isn’t it? But that’s precisely the point, and the sensation has never been this invigorating.

Taking an invigorating ice bath is a highly effective self-care method for post-exercise recovery, priming your body for peak performance in subsequent workouts.

Ice baths represent just one of the tried-and-true “do-it-yourself” approaches that biohackers employ to enhance both mental and physical well-being while optimizing their performance. The therapeutic advantages of ice baths can empower you to boost the frequency and intensity of your workouts by accelerating the healing process and minimizing muscle recovery time.

Navigating the multitude of ice bath options can be a daunting task when you’re striving to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. At The Ice Bath Company in Ireland, we take pride in presenting one of the most extensive collections of ice baths available for purchase in the Ireland. Rest assured, you’ll discover an option that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Portable Ice Bath/Ice Tub

Our lowest priced ice bath and one that does all the basics. Dip your toe into the world of ice baths.

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Ice Bath Tub

Arguably our best value ice bath option – great value for money and also an excellent product

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Ice Bath & Chiller

The best ice bath in Ireland we offer and one for those that want to take their ice therapy seriously.

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Chiller Unit

Make you ice bath experience seamless with our chiller unit. Control everything with our app and to your ideal temperatre.

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Great service and a great product and I can feel the benefits already


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Welcome To Our Irish Arctic Plunge Ice Tub Movement

Immerse yourself in the icy depths and ignite your inner fire. Throughout history, cold water immersion or cold therapy has been embraced by diverse cultures and individuals, ranging from cold water swimmers to ancient Spartan soldiers, Navy SEALs, philosophers, monks, and mystics. This age-old practice has consistently enhanced both the physical and mental capacities of those who have embraced it.

When considering self-care, an ice bath might not be the first option that springs to mind, but the benefits of the low water temperature of these cold water therapy tubs are truly remarkable. Self-care encompasses a wide range of activities, from painting your nails and meditation to baking or indulging in an ice bath; it’s just one of the many avenues available to nurture mindfulness.

If you’re exploring novel ways to maintain your overall well-being—body, mind, and spirit—you might have come across the concept of cold water therapy. Numerous Irish people have embraced the practice of immersing themselves in ice baths. They recognize that it not only benefits the body and muscle soreness but also has positive effects on the mind and nervous system.

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Cold water therapy also provides a number of health advantages to the athlete. The drug helps in muscle recovery and reduces muscle soreness, minimizes inflammation and may improve post-exercise recovery, particularly after rigorous sports such as rugby.

Yes, our ice tubs are designed that way for outdoor use, including pod portable ice baths with a lid weather cover. The products include insulation in order to keep it at a desired temperature, and cover from the weather.

Jumping into an ice bath assists in cooling down body temperature that is essential in reducing inflammation and speeding up muscle healing process – a big health benefit. Cold water therapy works best when combined with the appropriate ice bath methods, which include adding ice to ensure the water is maintained at the right temperature.

Absolutely. A portable ice bath recovery tub that is easy to setup in minutes. For active athletes on the move, it is portable and compact to be packed easily during traveling, while at the same time it is inflatable.

One thing cold plunge therapy does is to release endorphins that reduce stress and improves mental health hence creating a sense of wellbeing.

The appropriate ice water immersion depth of the tub for cold water therapy should reach the major groups of muscles, ranging between 60-70 cm.

Yes. Ice baths, like the Arctic inspired cold plunge, help in improving the body’s immunity through increasing white blood cells and reducing inflammation for overall immune health.

Ice bath has the tendency of constricting blood vessels and reducing its metabolic activity hence, reduces swelling and tissue breakdown.

For many athletes, an ice bath proves effective in cooling down the body temperature quickly, relieving post workout muscle aches, as well as promoting faster recovery.